Boosted Vs Meepo. Which Brand Of Electric Skateboard Should I Buy?


Boosted boards vs. Meepo boards. Really?

Does Meepo have a chance against Boosted, which is the king of electric skateboards?

It turns out that they go well together.

But don’t just believe me…

Let’s get right into it!

Selection Of Boards

The first and most important difference between the two brands is…

Boosted only has four different models of electric skateboards right now:

  • •Boosted Stealth
  • •Boosted Plus
  • •Boosted Mini X
  • •Boosted Mini S

Two of the four boards are “longboards,” and the other two are “mini” boards, which are smaller. All boards are made for the street, and the street only…

Meepo, on the other hand, has six different models:

  • •Meepo V3
  • •Meepo Mini 2
  • •Meepo NLS Pro
  • •Meepo AWD Pro
  • •Meepo Classic 2
  • •Meepo City Rider

Meepo’s website has six boards to choose from. Five of them are longboards and one is a “mini.”

The Meepo City Rider is also interesting. It is a skateboard with 6″ wheels that was made to ride on city streets. The board can easily handle rougher street surfaces like potholes, rocks, and cracks.

Meepo also makes the AWD Pro, which is a “all-wheel drive” board, as the name suggests.

Who Wins The Matchup?

In this case, I have to agree with Meepo.

Not only do they have more boards, but they also have boards with a bit more style.

The way Boosted’s boards are made is very similar, but Meepo has a city rider, an All-Wheel Drive, multiple longboards with handles, and even a mini-board.


Everyone wants to do their best. What do most people look at when they have money to spend on a car?

Details about how well it works, such as horsepower, acceleration, and top speed.

The same can be said for electric skateboards. After all, life is too short to move slowly.

Here are how each Boosted model did in terms of performance:

Boosted Stealth

  • •Top speed – 24 mph
  • •Range – 14 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 25%

Boosted Plus

  • •Top speed – 22 mph
  • •Range – 14 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 25%

Boosted Mini X

  • •Top speed – 20 mph
  • •Range – 14 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 25%

Boosted Mini S

  • •Top speed – 18 mph
  • •Range – 7 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 25%

Not at all bad. The Stealth and the Plus are the fastest models, and they also handle very well. They speed up very quickly and can go 14 miles without stopping.

Boosted works well, for what it’s worth.

Meepo V3

  • •Top speed – 28 mph
  • •Range – 11 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 30%

Meepo Mini 2

  • •Top speed – 29 mph
  • •Range – 11 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 30%

Meepo NLS Pro

  • •Top speed – 29 mph
  • •Range – 20 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 30%

Meepo AWD Pro

  • •Top speed – 34 mph
  • •Range – 15 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 35%

Meepo Classic 2

  • •Top speed – 25 mph
  • •Range – 25 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 30%

Meepo City Rider

  • •Top speed – 22 mph
  • •Range – 15 miles
  • •Incline Rate – 30%


If you thought Boosted did a good job, check out Meepo… The boards are going way too fast.

And let’s not even talk about the AWD Pro… It can go as fast as 34 mph and has a range of 15 miles.

And if that’s not enough, check out the Classic 2, which can go 25 miles before it needs to be charged.

Who Wins The Matchup?

Even though the Boosted Boards have great safety and handling features, it would be crazy to say that this round doesn’t go to Meepo.

I mean, really! Check out the details!

Incredible speed and acceleration, along with a huge range.

And every board has a hill climb rate of at least 30%.

Even the worst Meepo Board can hold its own against the Stealth (the best performing Boosted Board).

Again, Meepo wins this round.


Electric skateboards are expensive.

When we compare two different models or brands, price is a pretty important thing to talk about.

Boosted Prices

  • •Stealth – $1,599
  • •Plus – $1,399
  • •Mini X – $999
  • •Mini S – $749

I wasn’t kidding when I said that e-boards were pricey, but Boosted is really expensive. The Boosted Stealth, which is their top model, costs a whopping $1,599.

Even though they are of great quality and worth the money, many people still find it hard to save up $1,599 for them.

Meepo Prices

  • •V3 – $379
  • •Mini 2 – $379
  • •NLS Pro – $649
  • •AWD Pro – $849
  • •Classic 2 – $599
  • •City Rider – $679

Meepo is a good buy. Not a single board they sell costs more than $1,000.

And many of the boards, like the V3 and the Mini, are priced so that most people can buy them.

One of the good things about buying from a Chinese company is that you can get things for less money.

Who comes out on top?

Not even close here…

The most expensive board from Meepo is almost the same price as the least expensive board from Boosted.

Again, Meepo wins this round.

One Last Thing

Take into account the following…

The length of the Meepo V3 is 38 inches. The Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth are the same length.

But the V3 can fly at 28 mph and has a range of 11 miles at a 30 percent slope. It goes up bigger hills faster and has almost the same range as before. Already, it’s better than anything Boosted has ever made…

But the best part is that it only costs 14 as much. You can buy four Meepo V3s for the same price as one Boosted Stealth ($379 for each V3, $1,599 for the Stealth).

We haven’t even started to think about the many other boards Meepo has to offer.

Meepo is not only cheaper, but they also do a better job.

Sorry, Boosted, your boards are still great, but it’s clear that you have to go with Meepo!